27 May 2012

Fishermen cats

My mum turned 50 years yesterday. I gave her this illustration, that's her on the bureau... because my mum often gets very sleepy after dinnertime. I've imagined that the lot of them have all been eating a big supper after being out at sea during the morning. So while everyone takes their nap the youngest cat eats another fish, because he never gets tired, just hungry. 

22 May 2012

Calendar in beautiful home

Photography by STEFANY ALVES, from her blog The public Diary

I think there is something very magical about seeing your creations in an inspiring home. Stefany Alves recieved my 2012 calendar last winter and now and then it peeks out in her blog. I guess it's like when a fashion designer sees someone walking down the street in their design.

I'm planing on (maybe) selling 2 or 3 illustration prints. Either 30x30 or 42x42 cm, what do you think is more desirable? I also want to have a lot thicker paper than what I used for the horse posters. Is there an interest for this? Do you have any favorite illustration of mine that would be desirable as a print?
I'm super happy if you share your opinion! 

13 May 2012

Sunday sunset

Am I the last person to find fashion photographer Yelena Yemchuck? So exciting... finding someone you've sort of past by many times but never really stopping to check who it is.
Today I walked on a slackline again, it's been a while but it's coming back to me. 6 years ago I was known as the slackline ballerina. It's all about finding your balance, so it's kind of like riding a bike.

Did you do anything interesting today?

12 May 2012

Hiding from the clouds

Photos from Potenza

I'm so glad that our last class in school is design management. We finally talk about how to protect what we do (patent, trademark, copyright..), how to meet clients, how to charge for out work... etc. There's A LOT of stuff to know so it hasn't really settled in out minds yet. But we're starting to get a feeling of what it's all about. Since I'm continuing on as a freelancer my hand is often in the air, until the point were my teacher doesn't let me ask any more because "You've talked enough!".
But when thinking about the big world out there and all the struggle you have to do for work I feel like this little dog curled up in a ball.
I know I have to make a new official homepage but I want to contact clients at the same time as well. But the homepage should preferably be finished before I contact people... but I need to feel like I'm looking for work because otherwise I go nuts. Gaah.

Thanks for the stories about your life-changes, it's good to know that we're a whole gang going through the same stuff :)

10 May 2012

Two dogs in the street

Spring is coming to its end.
Anyone else going through big changes in their lives? Ending studies? Searching for work? Searching for a place to live? So many people around me are going through big changes in their lives (me as well). It's a bit scary. And from time to time it feels really scary.
I just hope that a year from now, we'll all look back on this time and say Oh it was all so silly when we were so worried. Hopefully we won't be saying I'm sick of living under a bridge, and oh yeah I just lost a tooth

08 May 2012

Cuddling Lemurs

I can't say these little things are my new favorite animal... but they are high up on the favorite list!! So so so charming. Every time the sun was hidden behind a cloud they cuddled up into a big bun of lemurs. And then when the sun came out they quickly went into their yoga positions and started to worship the sun. And since they don't have many natural enemies they where very easy to get contact with. Stretching out their hands to say hello and looking curiously at you. I love when you feel like you're interacting with the animals at the zoo. Otherwise it's quite common that you just walk by cages of animals looking bored and tired. 

03 May 2012

Doll with Donkey

Well, I can't hide away this one anymore! Once I saw the donkeys at the stable where my sister kept her horses I knew they had to be in a picture. I wanted to do the shoot with Tess... but she was very reluctant that day... so we ended up shooting me. But I'm too much of a brunette for this picture I think... but oh well, you take what you get!
The donkey was so kind and this one was actually very pregnant. Her other child was in a box two meters away... crying out III-OOOOO to his mum now and then.
Thank you Tess for helping me with the picture! We actually shot this on my birthday, what a great gift.

Caring for donkeys also feels like a back-in-the-day thing... hence the stopped wind up doll. 

01 May 2012

Two fox brothers

My friend Fredrik Ödman (if you haven't seen his photography you should!) asked for an original copy of a drawing... but since most of my originals aren't drawn on the best paper I thought it might be best to simply make a new one. Also... when my hand slips while drawing I fix the flaws in photoshop... but I can't be as easy minded when drawing a picture that will be sold with the real ink on the paper.

This one is about two brothers trying to get to their grandmothers birthday in time... but having some difficulties since their horse has broken his leg. It's windy... it's getting dark... and the swans are not very eager to cooperate. I hope they will make it anyway!