01 October 2012

Literature theme submissions

Sara Edström
I like the colors here... it really feels like she's in a candlelit library.
Also the placement of her hair is good, it's actually not that easy to get your hair right when you're laying down like that! Good job Sara.

Hanna Lagerberg
Ah, I love the granny quilt! I really want to make one of these myself... I think it would help to calm my nerves :) Cosy room!

Breeze Cheng
The photo is really simple, and it takes a while before you find the person in it... but I like how the mood of reading is noticeable here.

Claudia Voglhuber
Although I would have cropped this picture a bit, I appreciate the color rendering. The "beige" colors are really harmonic and makes her skin tone blend beautifully with the tone of the paper.

Kristin Olofsson
I like that she looks so powerful. And the slight movement of the shot.

Suzi Colpa
I sort of like the empty window stare with the pale colors. Probably reflects the mood of many of us. At least how I've felt this weekend :(

Ulrika Kestere
Ugh. I wasn't going do this months task. But then my boyfriend gave me this weird look "You're not going to do your own task??" so I felt stupid and I made it.

Michelle Kazuko Knight
Very calm. Warm light. Harmonic. That's what I like :)

Nadia Eckerich
She really positioned herself good in this picture. The bright background really makes her pop. Sunlight can be a pain when shooting but if you know how to work with it it will be an advantage!


Hey, would it be weird if the next assignment wasn't a self-portrait... but just a theme?
Give me your thoughts!


  1. Tema blir fint!
    Saras länk fungerar inte..

  2. så mange fantastiske bilder! :) Tema hadde vært super gøy <3 (spesielt siden jeg liker meg best bak kamera)

  3. Lovely pictures! For my picture I have chosen newspaper that is beige/yellowish actually, because I liked it more than the normal grey one :)
    I'm looking forward to the next theme, although I found the idea of self-portraits challenging. But it's your project, so you are the boss, haha :D

  4. beautiful pictures! It's been so long since i've visited your blog! Promise not to take so long next time! ;) you are truly amazing with a camera, and so are these other lovely ladys!

  5. These look great! i like how simple the compositions of the portraits of Kristin and Sara and yet so successful. I didn't send in my submission- I decided to make animated gifts out of mine since i couldn't get one photo to capture the look of typing upside down!
    But its always a fun challenge to make something from someone elses suggestion.

  6. Hey! I'd like to participate in your 'task' next time. How about just... autumn? Or something else connected with the prettiest season.

  7. Love these pictures. I vote for not restricting the next assignment to a self-portrait! :P

  8. Found your blog via Claudias blog! Love your wonderful blog! Especially LOVE the monthly follower's task! Such a great idea! <3

  9. Wow it is really nice to see what the other's came up with! Very beautiful. I like the colours of your photo Ulrika!
    I think just a theme would also be a good idea. Looking forward to the next assignment!

  10. I agree with the autumm theme. or what about cats?