28 April 2012

A whole lotta horse

I got a comment asking to see more of the horses. So here's Abe... or it might be Albert on the first photo.
Abe and Albert are their names and they are two very young friesian stallions. There is still a lot of work to do with them in order to get them...well..."tame"... I might say.
When they come out of their boxes it's like watching these pitch black oil shimmering dinosaurs come to life. Impressing and a bit terrifying. Once you're on their back it's not so bad. Size wise. But they are still more tricky to ride than other horses since they're so big and clumsy and stubborn.

And for those of you wondering, I am home again. I should be catching up on my school work but I'm just sitting and going through the photos from the trip. Always hard to get back to normal life when you've been on vacation. Especially when I came home to a very grey and rainy city.


  1. Wow, they are so wild and beautiful. Great in black and white.

  2. gray and rainy can be good, sometimes. good for sitting and thinking and cups of tea. for reading books. for transitions.


  3. absolutely stunning. your blog is one of my favorites. x

  4. The first picture made me think of Ronja Rövardotter and her wild horse Rackarn...

    1. I read Ronja when I lived out in the forest one summer, two months with no electricity or water... it was the perfect book to read then! I don't remember her horse though.. :(

  5. Beautiful, both, pics and horses!

  6. gorgeous reminds me of my own, tolstoy.

  7. These are stunning. Thank you so much for sharing them!