21 April 2011

The perfect place

What's your favorite place?

I went to the zoo today. They had tiny bunnies. I went crazy. I got so excited I got a headache. Then my mum got me a lollipop and it stuck to my lips and I panicked so we ran around by the bears panicking. My mom pressed her icecream(that wasn't so icy) to my face. It didn't help. Then she poured lots of water over my face. That helped more. I felt like I was 6 years old.
On saturday I'm turning 23, hard to imagine!


  1. Wow On Sunday I turn 30 Happy Birthday to you!

  2. And happy birthday to you :)

  3. your blog is way too cool! :)

  4. Happy birthday, Uli :)
    I have many pictures of my favourite places on my blog...they are all in the woods, or either deep underwater, but that is a hard place to capture on camera.

    Hope you are doing well!