15 April 2011

Happy weekend!

Yay! It's friday friiiday friday...fun fun fun!
The photos above are for the band since our first guitar. They needed some press photos and asked for my help. Heh, I think they didn't feel so good about the photos in the end of the shooting. But they haven't seen them yet so they might change their minds. Lets hope so.
If you like the soft effect on the top right on the top photo...it's quit a simple trick. Just blow some hot air onto your lens while shooting. If you want some blurry effects you can rub grease from your skin on the lens..like grease from your forehead or something :) If you have a greasy forehead that is! Don't shower so much before shooting!

There's a little feature and interview with me on the blog "...culture?" <---


  1. Hälsningar från Litauen! Jag älskar din blog-underbara bilder och många många djur!
    Här är min blog-

  2. härlig blogg! du är kreativ och en inspiratör!! Ser fram emot fler inlägg.

  3. I love your blog and photos !
    They are so magicly,
    I hope in future I will take so great photos like yours ;)


  4. Thank you Reda, Kristina and Kate :)