25 August 2009

Look what Lollo found

Today I was multitasking, going to school - forgetting my ID, biking to Roberts (nope not there) biking up home, biking back to school. Some classes. Then I got home and planted some flowers, cut the grass, trimmed the hedge and washed clothes. While I was working in the garden Lollo (the cat) found a tiny little hedgehog. He looked so scared and I was afraid Lollo was going to do something evil with him (like poop on his back) so I took him inside... and off course, made a little portrait of him. Isn't he adorable? When Lollo fell asleep I let the hedgehog out and he walked carefully back under some berry bushes.
Since my sister has been complaining, I am dedicating this photo to her, beacuse I think she would have loved to have seen him and his cute little nose.
Now I have to get ready for another get-togheter at out school tonight.
I hope you've had a nice day.
Love Uli

22 August 2009

I don't want to blog - ugggghh

20 August 2009

Hahahaha. No.

Last night, I had a nightmare in which I was forces to study in Växjö instead of Lund (Vanja, I think this is because I saw your pictures from Växjö before I went to bed). I woke up confused and knew for once and all that I really wanted to stay in Lund. And then, riding my bike home in the morning, 9-ish, I get a phonecall. It's the designteacher from Växjö. Go figure. He says that I now have a place in their class (I was number 4 on the reservlist).
What a bunch of punks! Schoolstart is three days away. And now, they tell me I can come. Phhff. For once I could tell them NO instead of hearing the no word from them over and over. I'm good were I am.

19 August 2009

Look. It's me. With a braid.

I found a really pretty dogphoto here <-
And a COMPLETELY GORGEUS ONE here <-, gosh - I could marry that photograph. It is everything I love. Eeev-erything. And well yes, off course I love Robert too. But I can't put him in a frame and hang him on the wall.
And while we're talking about dogs, here's a really fat one.
Also, THIS illustration is lovely.

I love the internet. There is so much art out there. I can't find shit in our local bookstore.
You know what? I really wish I was selling my photographs or my illustrations. That would be nice. But I'm not. How should I? I don't get the whole business thing. People get so weird when it comes to money and art. Some want to give everything, some don't want to pay shit. They claim they can do it themselves. Bah.

I dedicate this picture to Lollo beacuse he has actually been nice today.
(and yes ---> leave a comment! Come on! Don't be such boring buggers. You know it's rude. Just looking. It's truly bad manners. Do you really wish to be that way? Naaah.)

18 August 2009


Hello in your pants!
This is my last week of summer vacation, then I am officialy off to university.
Do I need to get oh-so-smart glasses? Should I get a new hairbrush since mine is missing half it's pinns and my hair is looking like a troll-womans?
I think, and hope, that beeing surrounded by a lot of creative people and getting a little pressure on me will do my artistic self some good!

The pictures above are taken in Malmö. I was feeling really down one evening so I took the train to Malmö and went to the west harbour were they have a dogbeach. Looking at dogs running around is truly therapetic for me.

I saw Yann Tiersen himself play that song I used in my stop motion MARK TILL SALU on a violin yesterday. That was special. I actually like that stop motion, I should do a new more complete version of it!
I saw Sarah Brasko too, she was really sweet and really talented!

17 August 2009

Bellydance that doesn't suck

I've been bellydancing for some time and although I have had a break now I'm beginning again in september. However, if you ever search for bellydance on youtube you get all this crap. And if you go to a bellydance show I can guarantee you it's going to be 80% crap. Most of the times it's just really tacky. Bad music, bad costumes and annoying dancers. But... sometimes, you see someone really good and you remember why you love that dance.
Rachel Bice is the dancer above, she's amazing! She can do a 8-roll with her hip while she's rolling her belly upp and down - now that's some skills! I think this could be my goal for the semester, to be able do do this exact routine. Dare to dream huh.

16 August 2009

The selfportrait-muffin

I don't know what to call it, selfportrait-muffin or ulicake... or perhaps ulricake (which would be my email). All in all, it's made out of berries found when I've been strolling around taking selfportraits, hence the name.
Really tasty blackberry and chocolate muffins.

The recipe is for 6 big ones or 12 small. If you're doing the big (like on the picture above) put the oven on 175 °C and on 200 °C for the small.
Melt 100 g butter och mix it with 2 dl milk and the shell from one lemon or lime. Whip together 2 eggs, 1 and 1/2 dl sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla flavoured sugar into a white foam (seperate boal). Stir the two mixtures togheter and then add 4 dl flour, 2 teaspoons baking pouder and a little salt.
Mix it togheter, ad a little berries (3 dl or so) and chop up som dark chocolate into rough pieces ( I only used about 80 gram) and throw it all down there. Then you fill the forms up to 2/3 and drop some berries on the top as well.
Put them in the middle of the oven for about 25 minutes for the big ones and 12-15 minutes for the small.


15 August 2009

What's on your TV screen?

On mine
Back in Latvia.
3 years old.
Our dog Hepsija has gotten 14 puppies.
She is sick of them.
She's tired.
My parents are tired.
Me and my sister however, are not.

14 August 2009

How much more summer is there?

The wind has changed.
I wonder how much summer there is left.
Will september surprise with hot days?
Or will autumn come creeping in with a bag of wool?
Wool is called Ull in swedish.
Ull. Uli.

13 August 2009

I'm knitting a dress

I'm almost finished with a dress that I'm knitting for the autumn. Louis, called Lollo now aday, is helping me to cover it with his fur and other crap he drags home before it's even done. Thank you Loo! I hate when I have clothes that aren't covered in you! Or do I? Well actually I don't. I could live without it. But when I ask him (politely) if he could pick up his own mess now and then, he just gives me that look and practically says that I can go shit myself!

12 August 2009

Someone is naked in the woods

I just made blackberry muffins from the berries I found near this spot. The neighbourhood kids are having a very loud waterfight outside so I can't lay in the grass and think about things. Like... feelings... and food... and.. and feelings. The cat also looks a tad disturbed. I could see his eyes glowing when the rain stopped. But when the rain ends, the kids come. You know. That's and old saying. How stupid are they though? I mean, when it finally stops falling wet crap from the sky they celebrate it with shooting wet shit on each other instead. Children! I have no words.
I hope you've had a day that's been a little more eventfull than mine.
Yours truly Uli

11 August 2009

The pro and cons with selfportraits

See the image larger here
Not working with a model can be really nice and really frustrating. You can choose your own hours (like 4 A.M) and you can go on for as long as you wish. If you have been doing it for a while, you know your face and therefore don’t waste your memory card with the wrong angles and expressions. You don’t need warming up. You don’t need someone talking you warm until you are comfortable in front of the camera. If you’re naked, you don’t have to obsess about the fact that another person observes you. You’re free as a bird. Almost. If you’re working with your self you can’t run around in front of people and do self-portraits. That would be considered weird. So you have to choose a pretty people free place, which often makes you end up in the bushes. That can be nice. But it can also get boring. However, strolling around in the bush looking for a good photo spot also makes you find a lot of good berry spots! I’ve found two just during one week. That’s nice. One became a blackberrypie.
Also, working by your self is sometimes like being blind. You don’t know when you’re really close to a very good position with your body. You have to run back and forth to the camera(unless you have a remote trigger) and keep disrupting your position in the picture. This I hate the most. The constant running. Why haven’t Canon made a 8 meter long trigger?? Why god why? I have a 70 cm trigger, and that is good for… em… just about NOTHING. Also, Canon cameras don’t let you decide the time length for the self timer. Nikon does how ever. Two thumbs up for them. I get 10 seconds I think. That’s not enough.
Also, you get tired with working only with yourself. Everyone loves to have a muse. That photogenic perfect friend who doesn’t give a damn when you put a lens 2 inches from their face. But my friends can’t stand my camera.

But mostly, the most annoying thing with self-portraits is that people think you’re self-absorbed. That you want to show the world how pretty you are. People who say this don’t really get photography. When I use myself in photography I play a role. I dress up. I act a special mood. It’s like theatre for me. It’s not actually a picture of me.

It’s not about me me me.

And last but not least, if you take a lot of self-portraits it’s probably just because you don’t have a lot of friends who are willing to pose for you. It’s as simple as that.

One of my favourite self-portrait girls are Elina Brotherus and Olivia Bee.

10 August 2009

Fire and Korpus and circus and dog and...

Yes, I like this illustration.
Therefore I am dedicating it TO MYSELF! Oh gosh, you might think, can she do this? Can she act so selfishly? I would have to say that, Yes - yes I can. Because I think I like it more than its viewers will (yes that's you), and therefore it would be a wastefull dedication to give away.
Am I bitter?
No, I have actually had a perfect day.
Ooo, and I found out that Yann Tiersen is coming to Malmö on monday - that's awesome. And Sarah Brasko too, on the same day! Remember I have one of her music videos just on a post below?
Oh well. Thank you for looking at Ulicam today - I like viewers. I like mashed potatoes too.
Bye bye in your pants,

09 August 2009

Use your own hair

I have never colored my hair. In a very early age my mum and dad said no no that's bad. My sister, on the other hand, started coloring her hair when she was 13 or something. My parents also always said, no no don't cut your hair, that's bad. So I haven't. I haven't cut or colored. I cut and color paper instead.
However, like all fools, I too sometimes like to play around with a wig. But oeh how I love to take them off afterwards and get my own hair back. I like the soft brown tone much more than the pitch black/red/blonde etc.

It's sunday evening, I'm listening to Billie Holiday.